Designed for both the novice and the Internet-savvy, for consumers and small businesses, monitor-io is essential if you depend on your Internet service and/or IoT devices. 

Here are some examples of the use cases:

  1. Home Internet - For anyone who uses the Internet for streaming, VoIP or other applications
  2. Gaming - Detect the Internet errors causing network lag and game interruptions (see Why Gamers Need More Than Speedtest)
  3. Smart homes - See the status of your IoT device connectivity
  4. IoT/Equipment installers - Don't get blamed for poor Internet performance, quickly segment end-user problems
  5. Small business - Verify that your Internet service is always available for you and your customers
  6. Work at home/Remote worker - Make sure local Internet connectivity is not the problem
  7. Vacation homes - Remotely monitor the Internet service that connects to your sensors, cameras, alarm systems, etc.
  8. Elder care - Monitor your parents' Internet connection so you can provide remote support 

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