It starts with super easy installation:

Step 1: Connect the monitor-io device to your router

Step 2: Register it with the monitor-io service

Step 3 (optional): Download our alerting app and choose the alerts you are interested in

That's it! Our software begins executing continuous lightweight, speed-independent performance tests with our regional cloud servers around the globe. 

These tests measure the quality and reliability of your Internet connectivity by detecting subtle issues and interruptions that cause poor video quality, game lag, clipped or dropped (VoIP) calls and other problems with your business or home Internet connection. We test around the clock using only a negligible amount of network bandwidth so that you can continue to use the Internet without interruption. Our software also detects what devices connect and disconnect from your home network.

The results are stored and analyzed in our cloud for you to access anytime from anywhere. When your network performance degrades or other issues are detected, notifications can be sent to our alerting app on your smart device or via email/SMS.