We support two account types, user accounts and business accounts.

1. A user account is the default account type used by individuals that administer no more than five I/O Monitors (for themselves and relatives). These accounts always have full access to the I/O Monitors registered to them.

2. Business accounts are used by support organizations that can oversee an unlimited number of I/O Monitors installed on their clients' networks. These accounts can be setup two different ways. In the first, the support organization registers and administers the I/O Monitors while retaining full access to their alerts and test data (i.e., the clients do nothing). In the second, tech-savvy clients register and administer their own I/O Monitor but grant the support organization read-only access to their alerts and test data.

Note: Only standard user accounts can be created online. If you desire a business account, need a user account upgraded to a business account, or would just like more information about them - details are available here.